Canary Wood Rose Bouquet

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12 Wooden Roses:2 Yellow Wood Roses, 2 White Wood Roses, 2 White with Yellow Tip Wood Roses, 2 White with Brown Tip Wood Roses, 1 White with Dark Blue Tip Wood Rose, 2 Blue with Dark Blue Tip Wood Roses, 1 Bark Blue Wood Rose. 

Our Wood Roses are hand made with particular attention to detail, that creates a truly unique real looking rose, that will last a life time. They come scented ( or unscented) to create a unique gift. These Roses are a splendid way to express love, or friendship Joy and Happiness. 

Our wood rose is so real in how they look, feel, and smell that people will believe in thinking they are a real rose!

Roses for Life's wooden roses, that never die, will be a lasting keepsake, and a remembrance of a special day.