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24kt Gold Trim Roses and Roses Covered in Gold                      

Gold and Roses have always been symbols of love and beauty.   
These two timeless symbols have been perfectly combined by Roses for Life to create a truly romantic gift for that someone special. Our Roses have been carefully selected for their beauty, then preserved and dipped in rich 24Kt. gold for a lifetime of enjoyment. These ,gold dipped roses, are even more stunning in real life!       

Roses are the one special flower that can denote love, friendship, beauty and innocence like none other. We offer a gift of flowers that can be kept and remembered for a lifetime. Our Gold Roses are preserved through a 40 step process then trimmed in 24Kt Gold for your pleasure.  Whether you want a gift for your loved one, a family member, or to commemorate a special date, one of our Gold trimmed Roses are your answer for treasured gift. 

A gold rose is a perfect gesture of Love, Friendship or just saying I Love You. Choose from our full line of Gold Roses that include Real Roses covered in 24KT Gold, real roses preserved and then trimmed in 24KT gold and our Platinum Roses. 

Our Roses will not wilt or fade come in 30+ colors, and our gold trimmed roses will be treasured by her forever.   ROSES that last a LIFEtime

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Wooden Roses

Wood RosesWood Roses, Wooden roses, bouquet of roses         

Exquisite wooden roses from Europe and Asia. Our wooden roses are made from the highest quality birch wood, by fine craftsmen. Each rose is individually hand made. These wooden roses are perfect to send as an everlasting token of your love, or to create a fantastic impression in your living room, lounge, or office. Our wooden roses come scented or un-scented. Wooden Roses last as long as your feelings ... ROSES FOR a LIFEtime.


Imagine being able to express your feelings and thoughts with a gift of Roses. Whether you are proposing marriage to the one you love, sending an anniversary or birthday bouquet of roses, thanking customers at work, or just letting someone know just how much you care, sending a personalized rose will make them feel special and be assured they will tell their friends and family about the impact it made on them.  A beautiful gift that will last a Lifetime!  Say It with a Rose gives you a way to say the right thing at the right time. 

OTHER ITEMS From Nature:

 Gold Trim Orchids  Sea Shell Jewelry   Rose Earnings     Gold Leafs
 Orchid Pin/Brooch Shell Ornaments   Rose Pins     Silver Leafs
 Orchid Stem 3 Buds Ornament Shells   Rose Necklaces     Copper Leaves
 Orchid Stem 5 Buds Gold & Silver Shells   Rose Sets  Ornament  Leaves

Our nature jewelry features Leaves that have been preserved to keep their natural beauty and then plated in Gold, or Silver or Copper to last a lifetime. Our organic nature jewelry retains all the natural formations, textures and striations you would find on the natural botanical. You'll feel as though you are wearing a small piece of nature everyday. Being environmentally friendly is a priority of ours and each piece is handmade with attention to its natural beauty.

Paper Roses, red Roses Pink Roses White roses made from paperOther Natural Items

Crystal Roses, Crystal Rose on vase, CRYSTAL Rose is foreverCrystal Roses                        

The beauty of crystal is the ability of the crystal to capture and reflect light which gives our crystals a magical glow - as if touched by the sun. Look closely and you'll see all the gleaming colors of the rainbow.                                                                             A symbol of love, beauty and strength, the crystal rose makes a great long lasting gift.,Touching yet simple our crystal roses reflect the colors of the rainbow. Crystal is a combination of drops of light from the heavens where harmony and light come together.

Information on Gold Roses:

Gold and Roses have always been symbols of Love and Beauty. These two timeless symbols have been perfectly combined in a Gold Rose offered by Roses for Life, The rose has been carefully selected for its beauty, then preserved and dipped in rich 24Kt. gold for a lifetime of enjoyment. These gold dipped, gold roses, are even more stunning in real life!                                                                                                                                               Our Roses will not fade and will be treasured by her forever. ---- ROSES FOR a LIFEtime.
A gold rose is a perfect gesture of  Love, Friendship or saying I Love You. Choose from our full line of Gold Roses that include Real Roses covered in 24KT Gold, real roses preserved and then trimmed  in 24KT gold and Platinum Roses.

Remember that our gold roses and gold trimmed roses are unique and one of a kind.. They are not made in China. They are hand made through a long 40 to 50 step process, by our artisans.  Our roses are picked for their beauty and preserved so you can actually see the rose through the lacquer. Our gold roses are heavier and more durable and not sprayed. After you receive our gold roses please email us back to let us know how delighted your special someone was. We will enter you into our free monthly drawing!

ROSES FOR LIFE.com     Create a loving memory that will last a lifetime...  

Our Rose is the perfect gift, for that special person in your life, or a special event.
Gold Roses are great gifts for any occasion:Gold Roses can be given as a Valentine’s Day Gift,  as a Mother’s  Day's Gift,   as a Congratulations Gift,  as a Get Well Gift,  as a New Baby Gift,  as a Sympathy Gift, as a Thank you,  as a Wedding Gift, as a Christmas Gift, as a Thanksgiving Gift, as a Secretary Gift, as a New Years Gift, as a Father’s Day Gift, as a Graduation Day Gift, as a Secretary Appreciation Day Gift,  as a Parent's Day Gift, as a Labor Day gift, as a Grandparent’s Day Gift, as a Patriot Day Gift, as a Sweet Heart Day Gift, as a Boss Day Gift, as a Loyalty Day Gift, as a Armed Forces Day Gift, as a Memorial Day Gift, as a Children's Day Gift. as a Citizenship Day Gift, as a Flag Day Gift, as a United Nation Day Gift, as a Halloween Gift, as a Veteran's Day Gift., as a Saint Patrick's Day Gift, as an Anniversary Gift, as an Earth Day Gift, as an Independence Day Gift, as an Election Day Gift, a romantic gift, or a gift for any occasion!  

We carry Real and Preserved Roses, Wooden Roses and More:  24KT Gold Rose, Gold Trimmed Roses, Platinum Roses, Glass Roses, Crystal Roses, Porcelain, Preserved Two Toned Real Roses, Real Preserved Orchids, Paper Roses, Silver Roses and more. Our Roses come in over 40 different colors.Red Roses, Yellow Roses, Blue Roses, Green Roses, Orange Roses, Purple Roses, Pink Roses, Burgundy Roses, Black Roses, Peach Roses, and MORE                --- All our Roses last a Lifetime! ---

In brief, you should know the following about us: our company was established in 2001 and had been responsible for providing outstanding service, great customer support and the best products ever since.

You can reach us at [770-650-1616 ] and by fax at [770-650-1616 ]. We are looking forward to hearing from you. You can also contact us at our e-mail address: info@rosesforlife.com.

If you are not familiar with our company and your first contact with us is online: We would be pleased to hear from you! Please let us know what your needs and questions are, we will be more than happy to help. 

Please tell your friends abut our unique rose gifts for any occasion.